Exodous 14:14


This blog used to be a place for me to post weird/funny things, but now I want it to be a place for me to share some of my thoughts and more importantly what God has been doing it my life. My goal here is to do that while being transparent and bringing glory to Christ. Please disregard the posts before 2013. Most of them are pretty ridiculous. However, I still kept my url because I thought it was funny. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to let me know.

Or both

I should be praying that…

I should be praying that the favor I give people is unmerited so hard, they’ll have no choice but to see Christ through my actions.

I love the girls on my women’s team

I really do love the girls on my women’s team. We don’t know each other too well, some closer than others, but I love the team work that we have build. I love how we build up one another through ideas, wisdom, and different spiritual gifts. Being a part of a women’s team will surely not be easy but I am thankful that I have been put in a group of girls that are on fire for Christ. WOOOO these gurls are on FIYAHHHH (for Christ)

Proverbs 27:17

17 Iron sharpens iron,
    and one man sharpens another. (ESV)


  • don’t pretend to like me if you don’t
  • don’t pretend to be my friend if you don’t like me
  • don’t pretend you miss me if you don’t
  • don’t
  • don’t
  • don’t


I just want to turn off my mind.

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That’s kind of awesome 

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“It is as beautiful as it is rare.  A frost flower is created on autumn or early winter mornings when ice in extremely thin layers is pushed out from the stems of plants or occasionally wood. This extrusion creates wonderful patterns which curl and fold into gorgeous frozen petioles giving this phenomenon both its name and its appearance.”

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Hey I’m Darth Vader the Sith Lord and you’re watching Disney Channel

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